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Mixed Signals Ahead of U. Yesterday the pair dipped below the bullish trend line but later in the day almost all опцион mixed US Dollar gains were erased and price climbed back into the previous support.

Technical Outlook The confluence zone created by 1.

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This could either mean that we are dealing with a fake break, or a re-test of the recent break, опцион mixed by a bounce lower. If the former is true, we опцион mixed a climb above 1. Fundamental Опцион mixed Action remains relatively slow for U. Most of the times a higher producer price means that consumer price will increase, so the indicator has inflationary implications and higher numbers usually strengthen the US Dollar.

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The time of release is Technical Outlook The pair touched the support at 1. This puts control back in the hands of the bears and suggests that more upside will follow. However, it must be noted that the Relative Strength Index опцион mixed overbought and this is an early warning of a retracement, so price is опцион mixed to return to 1.

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To the upside, the next major hurdle is 1. Fundamental Outlook The main event for the Pound today will be the release of the Claimant Count Change, scheduled опцион mixed mixed 8: The report shows changes in the number of people who asked for unemployment related benefits and has a medium-to-high impact on the Pound. Опцион mixed by:

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